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Chief Little Back Bear was born in 1825 and passed away on January 29, 1885. It is said that he originated deom the Cypress Hills Area, migrating towards the land which would become File Hills. Chief Little Black Bear was one of the first to sign Treaty 4, and did so on September 15, 1874. When Chief Little Black Bear signed the treaty, his band consisted of 29 families. They settled in the File Hills area on a piece of land surveyed for them. The land was approximately 29,760 acres in size. Chief Little Black Bear had a wife and 3 sons, their names were Keepeasootamoo (Thunder Breath), Peekatch and Joe Assiniboine.

Little Black Bear’s Band of Cree & Assiniboine is located approximately 23 kilometers north of Balcarres, Saskatchewan and then 9 kilometers east.

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