Chief Clarence A. Bellegarde

Active portfolios held

  • Economic Development
  • Finance
  • Housing
  • Public Works
  • Governance
  • Special Projects
  • Community Centre
  • Lands Claims
  • Community Navigator Program
  • Chief’s Office (Website)

Chief Clarence A. Bellegarde Bio

Councillor Holly M. Bellegarde

Active portfolios held

Health & Social Development

(Brighter Futures Coordinator- Kirby Bellegarde, Community Health Representative- Jennifer McNabb, National Native Alcohol & Drug Abuse Program, (NNADAP)- Leah Swanson, Parent Mentor- Cheryl Akapew, Jordan’s Principal, Income Assistance Administrator- Colleen Bellegarde

Indian Registry & Membership

Indian Registry Administrator- Colleen Bellegarde, also Member Administrator- Andrea Bellegarde

Head Start

Head Start Director- Joel Bellegarde, Head Start Helper- Cheryl Akapew

Culture Camp

Councillor Holly M. Bellegarde Bio

Councillor Randall Bellegarde

Active portfolios held


Maintain Effective Education Board, Improve Oversight of Post- Secondary Program, Monitor Tuition Agreements.

Education Coordinator – Chelsey Bear

Bus Driver On Reserve – Jason Agecoutay

Councillor Randall Bellegarde Bio

Councillor Trent Bellegarde

Active portfolios held

  • Elders
  • Land
  • Farm

Councillor Trent Bellegarde Bio

Councillor Denise McNab

  • Active portfolios held
  • Justice
  • Youth
  • LBB Rookie League 2019 Ball Season LBB Cubs
  • Sports and Recreation

Councillor Denise McNab Bio

Little Black Bear Elder's

  1. Gilbert Bellegarde 85 years old
  2. Rose Alma Bellegarde 84 years old
  3. William Akapew 84 years old
  4. Yvonne Bellegarde 82 years
  5. Marie Anita Bellegarde 80 years old
  6. Marlene Akapew 70 years old
  7. Robert Akapew 79 years old
  8. Vern Bellegarde 78 years old
  9. Lyla Lavallee 78 years old
  10. Gerald Moneybird 77 years old
  11. Joseph Bellegarde 75 years old
  12. Kenneth Akapew 75 years old
  13. Mary Doris Greyeyes 73 years old
  14. Noel Bellegarde 72 years old
  15. Mary Grey 72 years old
  16. Sidney Akapew 71 years old
  17. Matthew Joseph 71 years old
  18. Eileen Rintoul 71 years old
  19. Joan Bellegarde 70 years old
  20. Raymond B. Bellegarde 69 years old
  21. Rossanne Bellegarde 69 years old
  22. James Bellegarde 69 years old
  23. Garry Bellegarde 68 years old
  24. Leanne Bellegarde 65 years old
  25. Gordon Leslie Bellegarde 65 years old
  26. Beverly Joan Bellegarde 64 years old
  27. Donna Jean Akapew 64 years old
  28. Olga Sylvia Moneybird 64 years old

Community Events


Cree Class

Cree Class will be held at the Prevention Building from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Community Information

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